1. How much does the caravan weigh?
The standard Caretta 1500 weighs just 445kgs, and the Cargo is even lighter at 325kgs. Both of these trailers can be towed by your average small car; and although the Off-road needs a vehicle with a bit more height due to the larger wheels and chassis; this still only weighs 560kgs. A huge bonus of the whole range is their minimal weight; making them easy to tow and maneuver without draining your car out of fuel!
2. How powerful car I need to have?
Most four-cylinder engines will do – there is no need to buy a more powerful vehicle.
3. Can I ensure my caravan?
Yes, you can make Casco Insurance for your caravan.
4. Do I need a special road insurance?
On the territory of Bulgaria and in the majority of the EU countries the pulling vehicle road insurance is covering also the teardrop caravan and you don’t need any special insurance.
5. Do I need a special license to tow?
As a general rule of thumb in Bulgaria and in EU, you can tow on a standard class B driving license as long as your trailer weighs less than 750kgs. Rules differ depending on when you passed your license though so please check the government towing laws for other countries.
6. Is there a guarantee and where can I get repairs?
We offer a 1 year guarantee. Please contact us prior to making a warranty claim.
7. How many people can sleep in it?
The trailers are designed for comfortable sleep of 2 people; if traveling with more an awning can be attached to the side of the teardrop to extend living and sleeping area.